Reviewing ongoing projects

Information about ongoing projects can reveal the “state of practice” with regard to NMT facilities. Through the consultations with stakeholder agencies, the team should gather key details such as the scope, budget, and status of the projects. The team should visit the project sites to observe existing conditions and user needs and then review design drawings to assess whether they incorporate the following:

  • Presence of wide footpaths designed per the zone system.
  • Provision for traffic calmed or signalised pedestrian crossings at frequent intervals.
  • Safe intersection designs with appropriate turning radii, minimal crossing distances, and universal access.
  • Street lighting, shade trees, formal vending spaces, and furniture elements.

A more detailed set of design criteria is available in the street design checklist. The review process can help generate opportunities for quick wins through improvements in the NMT designs for the ongoing projects.

A utility box blocking a newly constructed footpath in Nairobi, Kenya. An audit of ongoing projects can help to gauge the state of practice in NMT facility design. (Source: ITDP Africa)